“I am truly a more efficient leader because of the support, guidance and coaching that I received from the Student Support Center staff.  I learned more from these weekly sessions than I did in the certification coursework.”

Ricardo Henry, Principal, William E. Doar Jr. Public Charter School

“The Student Support Center has provided the necessary guidance in leading quality workshops for teachers and parents, establishing a mentor relationship with principals, and helping teachers understand how to significantly impact student outcomes. Overall, the Student Support Center has played an integral role in strategically moving students forward academically at Imagine Hope Community Charter School.  Through well-designed staff development and internal supports, teachers have benefited greatly from the Early Reading First initiative and will be able to sustain what they have learned as we move forward. Hence, the Student Support Center has had a tremendous impact on helping Imagine Hope Community Charter School create a quality learning environment for all children.”

Chloe Marshall, PhD, Principal, Imagine Hope Community Public Charter School

“The Center has served as ally and advocate for the charter school community by tactfully and persuasively conveying to diverse stakeholders the unique context, contributions and needs of charter schools. A clear example is the Center’s diligent work related to school emergency preparedness. When called by city officials, the Center facilitated public charter schools’ inclusion in the development and implementation of common citywide school emergency plans. Thanks to these efforts, D.C. charter schools now have up-to-date school emergency plans and understand the necessity of the procedures and practicing them with fidelity. Perhaps most importantly, emergency response professionals became more aware of charter schools located in non-traditional facilities, which is critical to assuring fast responses.”

Robert V. Mayo, PhD, Senior Consultant, American Institutes for Research

“The overall impact of our SSC partnership on our campuses has been very positive. We have found SSC personnel to be highly skilled and attuned to our needs and issues.”

Leonard A. Upson, Vice President, Education & Development Community Academy Public Charter School, Washington, DC