Charter Service Integration Project

Funded by the D.C. Office of the State Superintendent of Education, this two-year pilot project began in July 2010 and will end in September 2012, with a possibility of continued funding based on fund availability and project performance.

With this project, the Center is charged with assisting charter schools to effectively access government and community services designed to support schools and improve student outcomes. To this end, SSC has built a database with up-to-date service information and have disseminated this to schools in print form and online.

Project staff also works with ten selected schools to create structures and procedures in the area of emergency planning/preparedness, safety, early identification and intervention of student needs and attendance tracking/truancy prevention.

All charters are able to access information and resource assistance; the ten schools receiving additional support are Cesar Chavez Public Charter School (PCS)-Parkside, The Next Step PCS, DC Bilingual PCS, Achievement Prep PCS, Mundo Verde PCS, Washington Yu-Ying PCS, E.L. Haynes PCS, Two Rivers PCS, National Collegiate Preparatory PCS and Shining Stars Montessori PCS.